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Have you ever thought to yourself “fuck i love that magic song about wanting to marry a girl but her father disapproves, but it’d be so much better covered by a girl without changing the pronouns” because IF SO I have the cover for you.

omg this is 1 million x better the original is way too much 2 dudes arguing over possession of a lady its so much patriarchial bullshit a woman singing it brings a whole new level of realness of the pain of inlaws witholding their approval / blessing

NLTM - Gravity Falls, Oregon
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Gravity Falls is back and it’s one of my favorite shows and the theme is really great so I decided to mess around with it.

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Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix 

Ramin Djawadi - Pacific Rim
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Pacific Rim - Ramin Djawadi

Panic! At The Disco - Miss Jackson
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Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?

M.I.A. - Bad Girls (Instrumental)
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i want this to play whenever i walk into a room

Maya Kern - Haunted
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Welcome to Night Vale 44:Cookies

Maya Kern - Haunted

Get it here:

Yoko Shimomura - Concert Paraphrase on 'Dearly Beloved'
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the Dearly Beloved you can listen on the new Kingdom Hearts III teaser.



so I am on soundcloud and suddenly out of no where this work of art pops ups.

I want this converted into liquid so that I may bathe in it.

Disco’d up Beethoven sounds from 1976 meet up with some flavour-of-the-month Korean pop, served up with some old-skool jungle ruffness on the side.

Oh my fucking god.

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L’assasymphonie by Mozart L’opera Rock

oooooh me likey